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Andrew R

Page history last edited by andrew rodriguez 9 years, 7 months ago

PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network

By Andrew Rodriguez






The PlayStation 3 is a new form of technology that converts internet and communication into a video game system. This console is one of the top selling video game consoles around the world. This is because of the crisp, vivid graphic display and the services that are provided for users. The PlayStation 3 brings many forms of new media together into one device. People that have a PlayStation 3 can use certain features like Netflix, Facebook, and the PlayStation Network. This system promotes a strong use of communication with people around the world. With the PlayStation Network, video game users can play on-line with people who are logged on from different regions of the world and interact with them. People can add people as friends that they find when they play on-line and use the in game messaging system to talk to your those friends you have on your PlayStation Network friends list. Video game users can also use a bluetooth headset and talk with the people they are playing with while they are in the game. The PlayStation Network also allows you to use certain social networks as Sony’s very own PlayStation Home. It is a 3D virtual world were you can meet people and talk with them. The PlayStation 3 is a great device to communicate with people from around the globe and use different forms of media on one device. It is more then just playing a video game when you start talking and interacting with other people that are on-line. It is a huge social network and you can cross paths with thousands of other video game players every day.


PlayStation Network


The PlayStation Network is the main feature of the PlayStation 3. This video game console revolves around the network as its main form of interacting and communicating with other people on-line. When logged on to the PlayStation Network, you are available to use many features that the PlayStation 3 runs on. You can use all the features like the PlayStation store, Netflix, PlayStation Home, and Life With PlayStation. The main use of the PlayStation Network is to play video games on-line. When you play on-line, you can come across thousands of people who are playing the exact same game. You team up with people that you have never met before to beat another team of people (Eastin, 2007). While you are in the middle of a game you can communicate to the other players by the PlayStation Network messaging system or a bluetooth headset. Most people use the headset option because it is very convenient to talk to people to come up with a game plan and different strategies. This a great way to meet people. Most games also have places where you can go into a lobby room and chat with other people that are logged on. This is used with the PlayStation Network messaging system. In the lobby rooms you can look for people that want to play and you can team up and go into a game or play against someone. If you find someone you create a great connection with and want to play with again in the future you can add them on your PlayStation Network friends list. Once they are added to your friends list, you can message with that person anytime and continue communication. Also, the PlayStation Network provides many features to keep in touch with your friends. A notification will always show on your screen whenever one of your friends has logged on to play. Through the friends list, you can view a friends status and see what game they are playing. This is convenient so you can play and interact with your friends at anytime. Users can also send invites to their friends to join there game they are playing. This is a great feature for when you and a friend are playing the same game, you can send a invitation to join a private party and you and however many friends can play together without anyone interrupting. The PlayStation Network is a great feature to play on-line and create a social network by playing video games (Kennedy & Wilson, 2007).




New Media and the PlayStation 3


The PlayStation 3 brings many forms of media into one device. One application that is popular and can be used on the video game console is Netflix. This allows for users to stream movies instantly form their console. Once you download the application, users can scroll through the thousands of movies that are available and pick which ones to view. Movie streaming has become a hot commodity in media and communication in our recent society. This Netflix application is a great source of new media to bring into the PlayStation 3 and makes it a very versatile video game console (Stone, 2009).


The Playstation 3 also can bring social networking into its long list of many uses. Facebook is form of media and social networking that can be used on the PlayStation 3. By downloading the application, users can bring their Facebook network onto their video game console. While people play video games, they can stay connected with their friends an everything that is going on within Facebook. Video games allow an option to post status’s on to your Facebook profile notifying your friends what you are playing at the moment. Other features allow you to challenge your friends by sending status updates saying that you are looking to challenge a friend on-line in a certain game. The PlayStation system also will post a status whenever you complete a achievement or reach a goal in a video game. PlayStation 3 uses Facebook to promote and strengthen their use of social networking and

communicating (Williams, 2006).


PlayStation Home




Another form of social networking the PlayStation 3 has is the PlayStation Home feature. PlayStation Home brings the PlayStation Network to life. It is a 3D virtual world where people can meet other PlayStation 3 users. This feature can be compared to the on-line computer games The Sims or Second Life. PlayStation Home users first start their virtual world experience by creating an avatar. An avatar is a graphical representation of the user or user’s alter ego. This avatar can be made to look realistically or however the user wishes it to look like. This avatar represents the user and how he will be judged in the on-line world. Once you are done creating your avatar, You create your apartment space which will be the avatar’s main domain in the on-line world. As your play the game, users can win or purchase other items to continue customizing their avatar or apartment. The main purpose of PlayStation Home is to venture out and experience the virtual community. It is a place to connect with friends and meet new people (Arendt, 2007). Users can communicate in many ways. When you meet someone in PlayStation Home, you can write text messages back and forth on the on screen keyboard. The messages appear as speech bubbles over the avatars heads. Users can also talk via a headset and actually hear the person’s voice. This is a lot more appealing then text messaging. Users can also join small groups up to eight PlayStation Home users and create a forum like conversation. Users can go through the PlayStation Home virtual world and play as if it were real life. You can go to the mall, the bowling alley, a restaurant, and build relationships. PlayStation Home is a great way to meet and interact with people around the world. It is a giant social network that instead of viewing as words on a web page, you can actually see it as a virtual world (Takahashi, 2011).





Communication Options


The PlayStation Network messaging system is a great form of communication. Using the built in messaging system you can talk to anyone who is logged on to the PlayStation Network. The messaging system can be used for many various forms of communication and media. When messaging another user, you can attach pictures, links, videos, and files through the message (Rothman, 2008). This a great way to exchange information and new media. The messaging system can also be used to join games and send invitations to have people join your game.


Another option PlayStation 3 users have to communicate is through a headset. During video game play, users can talk to other people they are currently in the game with. This is a great tool to enhance the social side of video game play. Players can speak strategy and teach people their own tips on how to get better. Voice impacts the players a lot more then just playing the game normally. Users get more involved in the game and try to out due or cooperate more with who ever they are talking to through a headset (Williams, Caplan & Xiong, 2007).






Even though the PlayStation 3 is known as a video game console, it is a lot more then that. I wanted to research and do this project to inform people that the PlayStation 3 is much more then it seems. It brings together a great combination of technology, internet, communication, and new media all into one device. This video game system is a huge social network were you can meet a whole world of video gamers and interact with them. Communicating through messages and bluetooth headsets promotes a social network of gamers to come together and play for the same goal and cause. With the mass amounts of new media the PlayStation 3 can provide its customers, this device is way more then just a video game console, it is a social network of video gamers itself.


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Comments (20)

Jay Barton said

at 10:51 am on Apr 27, 2011

Dude, whats up with PSN being down since last Wednesday?!! AAARRRRGG!! I think its God helping me with my Wiki. Well, and the rest of my headache causing semesters end workload. Seriously though, thats some current events stuff right there. I think it sucks that the hackers have taken such a great thing away from us, albiet temporarily. I've been binging to play anyone at any game since like Thursday. But I do think its cool how Sony, unlike Microsoft who seem not to care what hackers do on their gaming network, have shut it down to protect our private information until they get a solid fix in place. But OMG I miss my 'Blur!'

gre_89@hotmail.it said

at 11:55 am on Apr 27, 2011

Andrew, very interesting topic! Adolescents and young adults playing online in a group with others they’ve met, all for a common goal or achievement is communication. This is the very definition of social gaming!

Jenna Saenz said

at 4:40 pm on Apr 27, 2011

Andrew I like your topic! I always see my boss's kids talking to the tv and at first I thought they were crazy, then they told me all about how there talking to other people playing the game with them!

Daniel Preston said

at 1:06 pm on Apr 28, 2011

I really dont know that much about playstation 3. after the PS2 i bought an xbox 360 and I really never knew anyone with a PS3. Looking forward to seeing your research.

uismiguel@... said

at 3:55 pm on Apr 28, 2011

I dont play videos games, but i think that this specific topic will help me see what new things are viable for entertaining. I think it needs a bit more development. i am looking forward to seeing the whole presentation.

jt_thizzle@... said

at 10:57 pm on Apr 28, 2011

I dont play video games neither, but I have heard so much about ps3 and it's capabilities. Your presentation looks good visually, make sure all of its there before 9am tomorrow! keep up the good work

jt_thizzle@... said

at 12:11 am on May 17, 2011

Ive never owned a playstation, But I do have an X-box. It sucks that their network crashed and all their members are in jeopardy of credit fraud. I really never play video games because I suck, ever since I was a little kid. Your wiki presentation was very informative. I think I learned a little more about Playstation then I intended. I do find it fascinating that video games have come so far from the old nintendo day's. Graphics, online capabilities, games, etc. Technology is constantly changing the world.

Justine Cranford said

at 11:03 pm on Apr 28, 2011

Very good job and I look forward to your presentation. :)

Bobby Menbari said

at 11:17 pm on Apr 28, 2011

Whats up with the network lately?? Hackers...

Adrian Aujero said

at 12:07 am on Apr 29, 2011

The whole hacker crisis is very unfortunate.

dbooth said

at 12:36 am on Apr 29, 2011

What a relevant topic considered all thats happened recently. That's why I go xbox360. Great page though, lot of fun facts.

Aubrey Lee said

at 1:55 am on Apr 29, 2011

A Rod!!! Get to work!!! Suck about the network... All you COD kids are going to have a hard time recovering from it...

Juleane said

at 9:58 am on Apr 29, 2011

I feel so out of the loop. I know that ps3 and xbox and all that has online capability, but other than that I am completely outside of this.

Good page/presentation. The video game virtual world allows immediate connection which is something you rarely find in places of "social media/communication/interaction." I believe video games take social networking and virtual communication to an entirely different level. People literally get lost in that world and do their best not to return especially once they have established their online being or avatar. Virtual worlds allow for individuals to do things, "live lives," attempt things that they would not otherwise do.

reilingss2b7@... said

at 6:41 pm on May 2, 2011

the whole playstation getting hacked is weird, but thats is why you get an x box and see me on call of duty!! haha good stuff though.

dbooth said

at 5:26 pm on May 3, 2011

I am curious to hear about all of the network hacking stuff, and whether or not you're going to mention it in your profile. Sometimes it's tough justifying buying an XBOX360, the Playstation has a blu-ray player, free online gaming, and essentially all of the same games as the 360. It's trippy when you see how far video games have come since even just the days of PS2 and Xbox. My friend plays this boxing video game that allowed him to upload a picture of himself, and his boxer has like a video-game version of his face. The online gameplay is shockingly racist as well. I don't think I've ever gone a game of Halo without hearing any slurs dropped.

Aubrey Lee said

at 1:10 pm on May 4, 2011

Hey Arod!!! I am glad you were able to pull this off and get such a good grade on it. I dont know much about Playstation but I do know that it interests a lot of people so I was able to learn a lot more about this thing that people are so crazy about. I think that it is interesting that you can pretty much create a virtual character of youself and communicate with other people while you are playing the game. I know that it has been around for awhile but it still continues to blow my mind the things that we can do with technology now and how developments have made their way to devices such as playstation. It is also pretty crazy that there have already been a 1, 2, and 3 version of the playstation.

Lena Zubaid said

at 12:39 pm on May 9, 2011

Andrew, I feel like this topic goes really well with you, even though you do not talk much in class, I feel like you are the person who would be playing PS3 all day long. I am very familiar with this topic due to my brother playing with people online all day with his PS3. I like all the information you included; you have good sources and enough information to inform people about this topic. I like the format of your wiki, it is very simple and to the point, there is no confusion anywhere and I think you did a good job.

ericadeguzman@yahoo.com said

at 8:31 pm on May 11, 2011

You’re in Professor Perez’s online class aren’t you? Comm 131 New Media/You Media? I only know this because we had that wiki paper assignment and I remember reading yours on the Playstation. Anyway good job on explaining the in’s and out’s of this game console. I think it’s amazing that not only playstation but gaming in general has evolved so much. Game consoles now and days can double as computers, internet browsers, music players, dvd players… anything! It’s so convenient. And your wiki makes me want to check out second life/avatars as well to see what’s the big deal. Anyway great job and good presentation!

gre_89@hotmail.it said

at 11:23 pm on May 11, 2011

Andrew, I do not usually play games on the PlayStation 3, although my brothers and my boyfriend do. Honestly, I think I got the wrong impression. Watching them, I never thought that this technology could really transform the Internet and communication into a video game system. I might have thought too much on the negative effects. For example, I have often heard the voice of adults playing together with children, and using inappropriate language. But there's always the other side of a story! And surely, the fact that this new technology enables the communication with people from around the world, is certainly positive! It is interesting to know that PlayStation 3 has its own Social Network. It must be very fun to create an avatar and meet new people. I think at some point I may try!

sekashiwa@gmail.com said

at 1:55 am on May 12, 2011

Coming from someone who never uses the online option on my xbox, this gave me a lot of information about the virtual connections people make on their game consoles. i personally don't like games like Halo, so I've never tried playing with other online gamers. It seems like a real place to socialize although I'm not sure how varied conversation would be. I have a brother in Hawaii and he always is able to chat and play with our other brother whenever they play Gears of War. I was interested in that last part of your presentation that had to do with the legal issues. I'll have to look that up later because it seems like that kind of information sharing is one of the biggest problems with any online site nowadays.

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