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Theory Workshop 7: Entertainment

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This workshop consists of a self-paced slide show, tasks for you to complete and bring to class, as well as links and basic information below. The slides are available in Keynote and PDFs (PDFs are accessible for screen readers). These slides are plain and designed to download fast and simply provide you with information you need for this course.


Once you have looked over these slides, you need to make at least one comment below (100 word minimum) that directly address the slides content for workshop credit, ask questions, etc.


While you are not quizzed on this workshop, you are responsible for using this information for your course projects. This is stuff you need to know. Refer back to these slides.


Keynote: Entertainment_Workshop_181F.key

PDF: Entertainment_Workshop_181F.pdf


For Fun - Ask a Ninja!

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Comments (24)

Justine Cranford said

at 9:23 pm on Mar 17, 2011

DVR IS MY LIFE! I seriously found this wonderful form of entertainment and it is now my primary. I love coming home and having television recordings or movies recorded for me to watch at an instant. My dad use to make us go to bed early and I would always never get to see my favorite shows. Even in my early teens, so now having this development of technology is great. I don't use Hulu, but I do watch stuff online sometimes. I reading always has a good form of understanding to the workshop but the last slide really got me thinking. Also i had a hard time opening the video above. I would seriously pay double what i'm paying to keep my DVR for life. I hope I don't have too but I would because it's my form of Entertainment.

sekashiwa@gmail.com said

at 12:15 pm on Mar 21, 2011

I liked the ask a ninja video especially since I thought it tied in well with the entertainment workshop. A lot of entertainment that I watch is small homemade videos on youtube or other types of sites. It's even become as routine as watching TV with regularly updated videos each week and series that come and go in seasons. It also becomes talked about just like regular TV. It started with some must see videos like the numa numa guy on youtube and now has branched into channels you must subscribe to depending on what your friends are watching. With the blend of old media to new media the changes become almost invisible until now movies, shows, music, and news are used through the internet just as much as the old ways of viewing and using media.

Jay Barton said

at 4:43 pm on Mar 21, 2011

Ask a Ninja is apparently one week off...the copyright lesson plan was last week, lol. So ya, I couldn't view it as it looks like someone's decided to take it down. The workshop was interesting, though. My DVR has changed my media rituals for sure. Like my cell, how'd I get by w/out it? I mean, I don't answer certain peoples calls or look at texts during hockey/football games I don't want to "ruin" because I'm going to watch it later and like the effect of getting excited or bummed as if it were live. Modern Family...on my time, usually Thursday eves (airs live on Wed. nights). Backyardigans...anytime I need to buy a half an hour w/out any distractions from my kids. I did just subscribe to Netflix (thx Derek!) on my laptop (movies on my computer in the King here we come!), which also works on the same $7.99 a month for my PS3 so stayed tuned. I doubt either of those media devices will ever compare to the phone I carry in my pocket. Always with me, always on and ready...hard to beat non-stop disgusting jokes and weird porn non-stop from my lil bro for entertainment value, come on.

victorngo85@... said

at 6:14 pm on Mar 21, 2011

The youtube video is extremely interesting and the workshop is extremely helpful. When I was reading the slides it was very interesting when it talks about entertainment online. The reading and the slides are very similar with one another when it talks about music sharing. It was very interesting when the book stated that society does not consider downloading music for free is a crime. In my opinion it is because you are validating the artist. Technology and the internet are an amazing tool because it allwos you to do anything you want.

Jennifer Giles said

at 6:45 pm on Mar 21, 2011

The workshop brought to light some very important points about media and how we now get our entertainment. The way we get our music, movies, and television today has immensely changed since I was younger. I still remember the times when my family had no computer, we didn't have cable and we watched VHS tapes. Now all these things can be done on the internet. I liked in the workshop the New Media models it was a good break down and seeing how they also relate to media and entertainment. Overall this was an interesting workshop, it helped me to step back and notice how technology has really advanced in just a few decades.

Jenna Saenz said

at 7:57 pm on Mar 21, 2011

The youtube video is pretty cool, and went along with the workshop well. Like Jay, I definitely screen a lot of my calls. Well, I hate when people call me because I cant stand walking to people on the phone. I don't know why I don't like talking on the phone, but I just don't. Then they get mad because right after they call and I send them to voicemail, I text them asking them what they want :) . I love my little recording guy on comcast. Actually I just love my comcast box because they have all my tv shows :) yay!

Lena Zubaid said

at 9:25 pm on Mar 21, 2011

I get my entertainment from the Internet mostly. I get it from listening to music on iTunes; I get it from streaming music videos on YouTube. I also get it from streaming my favorite shows on the Internet. The Internet is a beautiful thing; it gives you almost everything you want with just a click. I think mediums become meaningless once new and better mediums take over them, for instance, I think that TVs are now meaningless. Why watch TV with all those commercials when you can watch whatever you want WITHOUT commercials? I just wish that the government would stop shutting down those sites that are streaming videos and movies online. I think that if the TV is showing us those things, then so should the Internet, it’s like watching cable TV on your computer! Radio was a big part of my young life; I would listen to it all the time, everywhere I went. Although, now I only listen to iTunes and rarely listen to the radio anymore. Why have people choose the songs you don’t really want to listen to when you can listen to all the songs you want?

Mark Francis said

at 9:43 pm on Mar 21, 2011

Like Justine said, I am a huge fan of the DVR. It is my life saver and allows me to not have a worry when it comes to missing my favorite sports games or TV shows. When it comes to music, I am an avid user of itunes. I obtain all my music from itunes, i never steal music for free. I use to be a big limewire fan but now I know it is simply not worth it in the end. I thought it was very interesting to see how successful itunes has been over the past 10 years. Entertainment is what keeps people going, I think it can be therapeutic for most people and a major stress reliever. I know I need a little bit of entertainment in my life to keep going. Overall good workshop!

Adrian Aujero said

at 10:38 pm on Mar 21, 2011

I get my entertainment through the internet, television and radio. Convenience is a major factor. I usually watch programs through DVR when I have the time to. It seems that mediums become meaningless when I find more relevant means that are more convenient to my needs. If I can watch a movie on youtube for free anytime of the day, there is no need to go to the store to by the dvd and watch it on the TV. Back in the day, the radio was the main and only way to listen to music. Now that I can play my own downloaded music whenever I want, the radio is obsolete.

dbooth said

at 11:26 pm on Mar 21, 2011

I am an entertainment junkie of sorts. I listen to radio, tv, podcasts, sports, and even movies online now. I have recently really gotten into the show The Wire. It's no longer on TV, but I have a multitude of other ways to access it. I started getting the discs on netflix, then I would watch some on megavideo between discs, and then when my minute limit ran out, I was able to buy them on itunes. Its a breakthrough in technology that didn't even seem possible just a few years ago. There is almost no movie, or tv show that I won't be able to find within a few minutes. I was able to watch the North Carolina basketball game this weekend online on my computer. Its wild.

andrew rodriguez said

at 3:21 am on Mar 22, 2011

My life, as most people, is revolved around entertainment. As I am writing this I am watching family guy through netflix on my PS3 and listening to music at the same time. The majority of my entertainment comes through television and the internet. It is amazing how advanced our technology is. As Adrian was talking about old forms of media are pretty meaningless. Even though it is illegal, if I can download music for free through the internet i am going to do that instead of listening to the radio or buying albums at the store. And also instead of flipping through television channels and watching something your not that interested in you can just stream a show online that you like or pick something out on netflix.

Bobby Menbari said

at 8:03 am on Mar 22, 2011

It is interesting to see some of the disconnect with the reading and what is occurring in our society and multi-media experiences today. Castells was seemingly spot on, however, in his assumption that the success of content over the Internet must be related, in some way, to free expression. With the recent resurgence of the once unsuccessful PCTV, many display manufacturers and content providers have attempted to master the unification of entertainment and the internet into a one stop source of information, entertainment, and utility. Currently, with nearly all IPTV features being offered, you can access news, music, movies, sitcoms, youtube, social networking sites, games, and a wide array of other content by sitting at your couch, and turning on your TV.

Daniel Preston said

at 8:32 am on Mar 22, 2011

Much of my everyday life revolves around media. I listen to cd's is my car, iPod when I'm out and about, and my computer when I am at home. As an individual who downloads music for free, I also download a lot of movies and tv shows. With the technology we have today, I can easilr put those videos on to a flash drive and watch them on any computer, xbox, playstation, or tv with a USB port (almost all tv these days). Not to mention all of the onDemand media that can be found online; Hulu, YouTube, SouthParkStudios, Netflix and Veoh are just a vew examples of websites that allow you to stream HD video directly to your computer or media ready devise. With all these advancements in online media in the past few years, I am very curious as to where we are heading next.

Nicole Givens said

at 8:39 am on Mar 22, 2011

I really enjoyed this workshop on entertainment and the media. It was amazing to read that iTunes has grown tremendously since 2001. I buy all my music from iTunes rather than downloading them illegally off the internet. I also use DVR and Netflix like many others and I agree that it is a life saver. It is interesting to read how much multimedia has changed over the past few years. I like the fact that if I cannot watch a show on TV or forget to record it that I can pull up all the episodes online and watch it from my computer. i am anxious to see where we will be in the next few years in terms of multimedia and entertainment.

Nico Reyes said

at 10:25 am on Mar 22, 2011

this workshop was enlightening in making me think critically about my media use. i never really thought about the effect of file-sharing on my consumption. i find that if it werent for free music, i probably wouldnt listen to much music at all. i am probably one of those people that are more likely to purchase media even though i do download free music. i think that people just want to know that they are getting a good value. not necessarily that they arent willing to pay. i would say that most of my media use is ritualistic or instrumental and not social.

jstoltz89@... said

at 2:52 pm on Mar 22, 2011

This workshop was very interesting to me and really made me think about where I get the most of my entertainment as well as news. Everything I could possibly need is online and that has really taken away from radio, newspaper, reference books, and even TV. I don't need an encylopedia or dictionary at my house... I can google my information or even download an app for it. On my phone I have music capabilities, camera, internet, games, I can even download my favorite Tv shows or movies off Itunes. It makes it very convienent to have everything in one place and I think people prefer it that way.

ericadeguzman@yahoo.com said

at 4:01 pm on Mar 22, 2011

The workshop got me thinking to how life was just a few years back.. before I had Comcast, before I could watch my favorite shows (and even movies) online, before streaming video and before Itunes. And I just can’t imagine going back. It’s crazy to think how much entertainment and entertainment online has expanded and changed. I remember when I had cable and wasn’t able to check the schedule for all the channels throughout my day. Being able to do that is my favorite thing about having Comcast cable. And being able to watch shows online and even movies (that may not even have come out on dvd yet) online is something I don’t think I could give up.

Aubrey Lee said

at 7:23 pm on Mar 22, 2011

When I was growing up, my main form of entertainment was TV and VHS... As I am sure this is how it was for most of us. We also would entertain ourselves with card games and playing outside. It is crazy that just 10 years later I am relying on the internet, DVDs and video streaming for entertainment. As we have talked about before, out lives revolve around the Internet. We literally carry it around in our pockets. I can download movies and music and watch and use them while I am walking around or am our and about. Technology has really changed how and where we look for entertainment. I mean almost anything you could ever need or want is accessible though the internet. I find myself relying on it more and more everyday. I dont have to flip though channels or wait for a show to come on. I have the ability to download it online and watch it within minutes. Crazy stuff!

jt_thizzle@... said

at 8:15 pm on Mar 22, 2011

Media is the majority of what most of our lives consist around. I personally no longer visit music stores to purchase music, I simply just go online and pick what I want individually now. I get most of my media, not just music online as well. I get my news, movies, and pictures. I even stay in touch with friends and family at the click of a button thanks to the creation of the internet. The internet has totally changed society and the way we access media.

jt_thizzle@... said

at 8:16 pm on Mar 22, 2011

And I couldn't watch the ninja video because the ninja blocked it. lol

uismiguel@... said

at 10:30 pm on Mar 22, 2011

That is true JT, it was blocked and could not watch it either. This workshop was very interesting, and one thing that i liked about workshop was the term Intoperable. This term means that all media forms are based on the same protocol. By designing these types of media, all models can be workable in the same kind of way. All these are adaptable, and we can see these phenomena in all the electronics. Another thing about this workshop was that nowadays people dont actually buy a CD but only one song. This is a big business for apple because thanks to Itunes, this company is selling tons of songs.

kyleportal@... said

at 11:29 pm on Mar 23, 2011

After doing the workshop, it made me realize how important the Internet is to me. If I had my mac book pro and no Internet, it would be useless. I use the Internet for everything. I use it to download nearly anything. I download movies, music, podcasts and etc. I also use the Internet to watch television, keep up on the news and etc. Along with downloading illegally, I buy most of my music through ITunes. I though it was amazing how iTunes was responsible for more than a quarter of all music sales at 27%. The internet is essential in this day in age, and without, the world would come to an end.

Juleane said

at 12:50 am on Mar 24, 2011

Media is the most influential component of our society because its how we are connected with the world outside ourselves. The internet has taken over industry after industry: music, movies, news etc...each of these different forms of media have had to recalculate and reorder how they function in order to remain relevant and functioning. File sharing is one of the ultimate culprits. I can remember cassette tapes, VHS, now even DVDS may become extinct. (Which will be a sad day for my generation; media and technology is moving so fast that forms literally are first seen and last seen in the same lifetime) I remember when things like Limewire first came out...it felt like my friends were part of a secret society of some kind, some under the table deal. But, I also remember the day my grandmother discarded her record player, I don't know why, but I really didn't want her too. Records just have such an enchanted element around them whereas now I can listen to anything from Billie Holiday to some random aspiring star on the same website. I also remember the competition between Windows Media Player/Media Guide and Itunes...I decided to have both though I really didn't have much choice because WMP was already on my computer. It's amazing to sit down and really recognize the impact Itunes has had as the slide said in less than a decade it absorbed 1/4 of the market. Crazy?! Crazy, but understandable, Apple's trying to take over everything. They're even considering the Ipad for health research as it helps patients that have little ability to move their limbs to speak, turn pages, play a guitar by using the touch sensory device which they were in no way capable of doing before with other device formats.
I wish I could of watched the Ninja video, but it's blocked here and no longer exists on the ask.com site, which is really weird if you ask me. Nonetheless, I watched a couple of the other videos and they are extremely entertaining.

reilingss2b7@... said

at 7:47 am on Mar 24, 2011

media from that has been placed on the internet has changed what we used to internet for going from almost all emails to entertainment use. I find it very interesting that in our book it states that people use their internet for 80 percent email use and 20 percent entertainment when those numbers have been changed dramatically over the past few years, it proves that the internet has changed and will continue to change.

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