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APA, Annotated Bibliography, and Scholarly Sources Workshop

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This workshop has online and in class components and consists of a self-paced slide show, tasks for you to complete and bring to class, as well as links and basic information below. The slides are available in Keynote and PDFs (PDFs are accessible for screen readers). These slides are plain and designed to download fast and simply provide you with information you need for this course.


Once you have looked over these slides, you need to make at least one comment below (100 word minimum) that directly address the slides content for workshop credit, ask questions, etc. There is also work that must be completed and brought to class.



Keynote: APA_AB_Scholarly_Workshop_181F.key

PDF: APA_AB_Scholarly_Workshop_181F.pdf


Library Tutorials can be found here (especially "5 Ways to find Articles and Books)



Check out this video on finding scholarly sources



This website at Purdue University has a lot of good information on APA and writing annotated bibliographies






SJSU Library Databases

SJSU Library Research Databases


Nico's Formatting Tips for APA references

To get a hanging indent in word 2003 or newer: highlight the entire reference, right click, click paragraph, there should be two pull-down menus. Click the top one, choose "hanging."


Here is a list of the suggested journals for the course. These are journals that are "safe" to use, but may exclude some Communication journals (there are a lot!), so please feel free to ask. Generally speaking, any journal sponsored by the National Communication Association or the International Communication Association is okay to use. Please note that many of these journals also carry quantitative articles!


American Communication Journal

Communication Education

Communication Monographs

Communication Quarterly

Critical Studies in Media Communication

Discourse and Society

First Monday

Information, Communication, and Society

Information Society

Journal of Applied Communication Research

Journalism of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Journal of Communication

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Journal of Health Communication

Journal of Mass Media Ethics

Journal of New Media and Culture

Journal of Public Relations Research

Journal of Radio Studies

New Media and Society

Political Communication

Public Relations Quarterly

Southern States Communication Journals

Quarterly Journal of Speech

Southern Speech Communication Journal

Text and Performance Quarterly

Western Journal of Speech Communication

Women's Studies in Communication

Western States Communication Journal

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