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Contact the Instructor

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I am always happy to communicate with students either for course related questions/issues or more general interests. There are several ways for students to contact me to ask question, get advice, or discuss issues with the course.


If you have scheduled events during the session that may interfere with your ability to complete assignments or quizzes on time I need to know as soon as possible (this includes official SJSU activities, work, and family). Any arrangements must be made PRIOR to the event. I will decide how to or if to accommodate scheduled events on a case-by-case basis. In some cases you may be required to supply documentation or a verification third party email. I will not allow make-ups of quizzes or assignments after the fact. Please make any arrangements via email so we may create a written record so we both know what the arrangement is, dates, etc.


If you have an emergency, once you are safe and calm(ish), you should contact me immediately. I worry when you disappear. Seriously, the father out in front of catastrophe we can get the better off you are going to be. I can also send you to people who can help you if you need to withdrawal or drop.


If you have a question about a grade and you wish to review it with me, you need to look at the Grade Review Policy. Please follow the directions here for the fastest and fairest way so address grading concerns.


Ways to get in Touch

Email <comm181@gmail.com>

The first step is ALWAYS to email me at the class email address above. Please always use the course email address and include your full name so I know who is who and where you are from (I have 100+ students) this is especially important if you have several classes with me. Via email we can handle most issues or make arrangements for other sorts of communication. Email is a good format because the use of text provides a record and resource that can be referred to.


I am consistently available seven days a week (I have less availability on T-TH when I am in class) between 9 am and 6 pm (you have to unplug at some point). In most cases, I will get back to within an hour or so (pathetic or dedicated - you decide!). I will respond to all email sent before 6 pm. I will notify everyone if I will be out of touch for any period of time. Ironically (but logically) I am not usually available during scheduled physical class hours and do not get a chance to check email very often on teaching days.


Office Hours (Location: HGH 216)

I am more than happy to physically meet with students. My office hours for this term are 1:30-3:00 Tuesday and Thursday BY APPOINTMENT. If you want to be sure I will physically be in my office at a particular time email me and make an appointment (then keep it).



I do have an office phone number (924-5865), but this is not a great way to reach me. The VM sound quality is low and it is often hard to understand requests/questions/phone numbers. I only check VM when I am physically on campus. If you want to talk to me the best course of action is to email me your phone number and set up a time so I can call you or when you call me at school.


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